Save British Cheese Innes Brick White Wine Bundle - Collection 11th June

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Click and Collect from our Deli at 1A St John's Terrace, East Boldon, NE36 0LL.  

Please note collection times are anywhere between 16.00-18.00 on Thursday 11th June only.

Please observe safe distancing measures when visiting the Deli to collect.  

This product is not available for delivery. 



British Cheese production is suffering! It needs your support during the current pandemic and Blacks Corner is seeking out cheesemongers who need your help.

This Click & Collect cheese and wine bundle features Innes Brick an amazing British goats cheese, perfectly in season right now, paired with Spanish Chardonnay.  


Innes Brick

Goats cheese flavours are delicate and milkily acidic when young, developing sweet notes of hazelnut with maturity.  Made with raw goats milk and animal rennet. 

Approximately 150g



Pardina Chardonnay | Spain

Fresh and crisp with apple and juicy pineapple flavours