Valentines Sparkling Hamper



English Preserves Red Onion Marmalade – Made in Bermondsey
Red onion marmalade made with locally sourced produce - a rich, sweet flavour packing a punch

Walkers Scottish Highland Oatcakes – Product of Scotland
Iconic highland oatcakes, recipe unchanged since 1898 and by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen

Baron Bigod Brie – (T) Cow’s Milk - Made by Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore in Suffolk
Delicate, creamy and acidic developing sweet notes of hazelnut

Kirkham’s Mature Lancashire – (T) Cow’s Milk - Made by Graham Kirkham in Lancashire
Succulent-yet-crumbly texture with a tangy, bright, full flavour

Stitchelton – (T) Cow’s Milk - Made by Joe Schneider in Nottinghamshire
Can exhibit a multitude of long-lasting flavours ranging from green apples to beef stock – juicy acidity and toasty, biscuit notes

Sinodun Hill – (V) Goat’s Milk - Made by Rachael Yarrow in Oxfordshire
Light whipped texture with yoghurt flavours paired with a delicate, fruity flavor from the rind


Wild Mushroom and Truffle Salami – Made by John Doig in KentCharacterised by a short cure and around four weeks of drying with a subtle mushroom and truffle flavour

Seaweed and Cider Salami – Made by Richard and Fiona Harding in Cornwall
Buttery and silky, made from rare breed pork, beef from ancient North Devon breed cattle and seaweed from St. Ives beach

Buttery Shortbread Hearts – Made by Alison in East Boldon
Homemade delicate butter shortbread hearts, each dipped in milk or dark chocolate

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