Made by: Joe Schneider

Milk type: Cow

Milk treatment: Raw

Coagulant type: Animal

Location: Welbeck, Nottinghamshire

How it tastes: Stichelton can exhibit a multitude of long-lasting flavours ranging from green apples to beef stock. It has a juicy acidity and toasty, biscuity notes towards the rind. The texture tends to be soft and creamy.

Raw milk, Stilton-recipe blue cheese had been extinct for eighteen years until Joe Schneider began making it at Stichelton Dairy in 2006. Joe Schneider and Randolph Hodgson set out to make raw milk Stilton and Stichelton was born. Joe uses only milk from the morning milking, very little starter and a very long make, twenty-four hours, allowing the natural flora in the milk to bring out the flavours. The curds are hand ladled, which gives a more delicate texture. Similar care is taken with maturing. Perhaps most importantly, each cheese is tested for ripeness before it leaves the maturing room. There can be a great deal of variation in how the cheese tastes from batch to batch and seasonal variation is a factor too.

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