Made by: Anne & Andy Wigmore

Milk type: Sheep

Milk treatment: Pasteurised

Coagulant type: Vegetarian

Location: Riseley, Bershire

How it tastes: Spenwood is a sheep's milk cheese with a supple texture and a thin natural rind. Its cream-coloured paste has a sweet, milky flavour that develops a slight piquance with maturity.

Cheesemaker Anne Wigmore’s inspiration for Spenwood was a pecorino cheese she encountered while visiting the island of Sardinia. The cheese is generally sold at around six months of age, though it can be matured for longer, at which point its paste becomes denser and slightly waxy. Spenwood has a rounder, gentler flavour than other hard sheep’s milk cheeses, which are more marked by juicy, fruity acidity.

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