Gorwydd Caerphilly


Made by: Maugan, Kim & Todd Trethowan

Milk type: Cow

Milk treatment: Raw

Coagulant type: Animal

Location: Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

How it tastes: This cheese presents flavours which are fresh and richly lactic at the centre; closer to the rind the flavour becomes more mushroomy, savoury, and earthy.

Cheesemonger Todd Trethowan learned to make Caerphilly from Chris Duckett, who, in the world of British cheese, had reached notoriety as the last surviving descendant of the famous tradition of Somerset Caerphilly makers. Caerphilly cheese is a mould-ripened, aged cow’s milk cheese typically sold at three to four months. The style takes its name from a small town in the South of Wales. When Todd moved back to Wales from London, he built a cheesemaking facility on his parents’ land and began to make cheese with locally sourced milk.

He was later joined in the business by his brother Maugan and sister-in-law Kim. With the intention of improving the quality of their cheese, and after a lengthy search for ‘the best possible milk’, in mid-2014 the Trethowans moved to Somerset. Partnering with a farm whose milk supply showed great potential enabled them to have more control over the raw material and as a consequence, on the final cheese. When the cheese arrives it is kept wrapped and in a humid environment, to further encourage the breakdown under the rind which we so love.  

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