Made by: Joan Cross

Milk type: Cow

Milk treatment: Pasteurised

Coagulant type: Vegetarian

Location: Barnard Castle, Co. Durham

How it tastes: Cotherstone has a texture that is at once flaky, moist and bouncy. It has a fresh milky taste with pleasantly sour and citric notes.

Cotherstone has been made by Joan Cross for over thirty years. She is the last remaining producer of this Dales cheese, having learned cheesemaking from her mother. Joan produces only very small batches of Cotherstone which are made to order. When the cheese arrives in the maturing rooms in Bermondsey it is very young and very moist. The cheese is dry-salted by rubbing the surface with sea salt. The cheese is then left to dry for another two to three weeks to form a natural crust that sometimes develops a pinkish-gold appearance. When the rind is fully formed, the cheese becomes broken down and softer towards the rind. It develops vegetal, earthy flavours, sometimes with a hint of yeastiness, almost like freshly baked bread.


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