Valentines Picnic Pack for Two - COLLECTION ONLY

Collection slotsSaturday 12-2pm

Click & Collect From Our Deli At 1A St Johns Terrace, East Boldon, NE36 0LL


Please note we have the following available collection slots:-

*Saturday 10th February between 12pm & 2pm only. 

*Sunday 11th February between 12pm & 2pm only.

*Wednesday 14th February between 12pm & 2pm only.

This product is not available for delivery. 


Our Picnic Packs are prepared fresh the day of your collection and will need to be refrigerated as soon as possible. We recommend that they are best consumed the same day as collection.


A Blacks Corner Picnic Pack for two - What better way to celebrate Valentines Day?  Set your loved ones heart racing with our selection of signature British Farmhouse Cheese, British Charcuterie and all the trimmings.


Our Picnic Pack for two contains:-



Isle of Mull Cheddar - Cow's Milk

A hearty Scottish Cheddar with a firm, fondant-like texture. Flavours range from juicy and zesty to boozy and deeply savoury.

Colston Bassett - Cow’s Milk (T)(P)

One of only six true Stiltons in England with a perfect balance of fruit and floral with an incredible buttery creamy texture

Cornish Yarg - Cow’s Milk (P)(T)

A delicate yoghurt cheese wrapped in nettle leaves from Cornwall – an earthy cheese with buttery and creamy flavours



Fennel & Garlic SalamiCobble Lane, London

Coarsely minced pork with a selection of Fennel seeds and Garlic.

Salt & Pepper Salami - Cobble Lane, London

A simple salami showcasing British pork with hints of pepper, salt and garlic.

Monmouthshire Air Dried HamTrealy Farm, Monmouthshire

A classic 2-month air-dried cured ham with sea salt and black pepper 



Walkers Scottish Highland Oatcakes Iconic highland oatcakes, recipe unchanged since 1898 and by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen

Millers Artisan Biscuits A selection of artisan biscuits and crackers perfect to pair with cheese

Red Onion Marmalade - A piquant, full-bodied and rich savoury marmalade with red onions, mollased sugar and ruby port.

Pirello Gordal Olives – Imported from Spain. 

Cornichon Gherkins - Imported from Spain.

Blacks Corner's Beetroot Humous - A mezze favourite from our main menu

Salted Mixed Nuts - Made in Cumbria

A selection of Fresh Seasonal Fruit - ideal to round off your picnic 


Please note, these photos are representative of the product and in some hampers there are products our farm producers are unable to deliver in current climate.  We will substitute these with a similar product where necessary.

Valentines Picnic Pack for Two - COLLECTION ONLY