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Help Support Our Local Community as we battle COVID-19.

Donate to our fund and buy a shopping basket for someone in need.
Blacks Corner has setup a community fund that anybody can contribute to.  All contributions made shall be used to buy someone in need a shopping basket of essential items. 
This fund was set up by the generous contribution of author L. J. Ross, who very kindly donated £1000 with the request that Blacks Corner Deli put together bags of shopping essentials for those in need in our community during this crisis
An average shopping basket of essential items costs just £15, please select an amount you would like to donate and leave a comment in the checkout notes with suggestions of who you think would benefit.  There are hundreds of people in our community who may be in isolation or in fear of leaving the house during this unprecendented crisis and Blacks Corner has a team and the infrastructure to help.  

The purpose of this community outreach programme is to provide the immedidate relief and joy for members of our commnunity who are disadvantaged or within a high risk group and have been forced into isolation.

Your donations will be spent on bags of shopping from our Blacks Corner Deli.  Our staff will be out delivering these daily to those who need them the most.  These will comprise mainly of preserves, eggs, milk and bread while possible.

This programme will also benefit the amazing British Farmers and small batch producers that we work with, whilst allowing us to support our team and small family business.

We have already received some incredible contributions and want to thank you for your continued kindness and support.

Blacks Corner Team