• Berkswell
    • Made by: the Fletcher Family Milk type: Sheep Milk treatment: Raw Coagulant type: Animal Location: Berkswell, West Midlands How it tastes: The flavours of this cheese range from fresh and fruity to savoury and almost Parmesan like. The texture is often slightly grainy, not dissimilar to a Manchego.  The link to the farming has always been an important part of what makes Berkswell special, with...
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    • Ticklemore
    • Made by: Debbie Mumford Milk type: Goat Milk treatment: Pasteurised Coagulant type: Vegetarian Location: Sharpham Estate, Devon How it tastes: This goat's cheese with a bloomy, natural rind has a white, chalky paste with fresh lemony flavours; more mature cheeses will have some delicate breakdown bringing a vegetal earthiness. Historically, these cheeses are sold quite young – at about four to six weeks – although there is current experimentation...
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    • Spenwood
    • Made by: Anne & Andy Wigmore Milk type: Sheep Milk treatment: Pasteurised Coagulant type: Vegetarian Location: Riseley, Bershire How it tastes: Spenwood is a sheep's milk cheese with a supple texture and a thin natural rind. Its cream-coloured paste has a sweet, milky flavour that develops a slight piquance with maturity. Cheesemaker Anne Wigmore’s inspiration for Spenwood was a pecorino cheese she encountered while visiting the...
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