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The Winter Selection Cheeseboard


This is our Winter Selection Cheeseboard, lovingly put together with all our best-loved hard cheeses, with the addition of a peppery blue!
There are two variations to choose from depending on your party size:

2-3 people includes approximately 100g of each cheese described.  This option contains a Red Onion Marmalade ONLY. 

4-6 people includes approximately 150g of each cheese described. This option contains a Red Onion Marmalade AND a Pear, Date & Ale Chutney. 


Isle of Mull CheddarCow's Milk

A hearty Scottish Cheddar with a firm, fondant-like texture that tends to be slightly more compact than the other Cheddars we sell. Flavours range from juicy and zesty to boozy and deeply savoury.

Stitchelton - Cow's Milk

A juicy acidity and toasty, biscuity notes toward the rind are the hallmarks of Stichelton, though the range of flavours this soft, creamy raw milk blue can exhibit is extraordinary: from crisp green apple right through to beef stock umami

Appleby's Cheshire - Cow's Milk

A well-balanced raw milk cheese boasting rich mineral flavours upfront, juicy acidity and the succulent yet crumbly texture that is so characteristic of a classic Cheshire.

Whin Yeats Wensleydale - Cow's Milk

Traditional Dales territorial cheese with a fresh, milky taste and bouncy citrus notes.

Ogleshield - Cow's Milk

The West Country’s answer to raclette, Ogleshield is a gentle yet complex cheese, with a sweet and milky aroma and warm, savoury flavour reminiscent of chicken broth. The texture beneath the pungent pink rind is soft and pliant, and it melts beautifully.

Red Onion Marmalade- Made in Bermondsey

Red onion marmalade made with locally sourced produce - a rich, sweet flavour packing a punch.

Walkers Scottish Highland Oatcakes - Product of Scotland

Iconic highland oatcakes, recipe unchanged since 1898 and by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen.

Pear, Date & Ale Chutney