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The Christmas Blacks Corner Board

Size1-2 People

Please note, if you are purchasing a board as a gift we recommend collecting as close to your gift exchange as possible.  If you are purchasing a board for yourself we recommend collecting as close to the time of use as possible.

Our signature board is available to order as a hamper box, brimming with the following produce handpicked by our Deli Team:

 1-2 people include approximately 50g of each meat (vacuum packed) and 100g of each cheese described.

3-4 people include approximately 60g of each meat (vacuum packed) and 120g of each cheese described.

Cobble Lane Coppa Made by Matt & Team on Cobble Lane, London


Slow dry-cured marbled collar from well-raised British pork. A great showcase with rich flavour.

Salt & Pepper Salami - Made by Matt & Team on Cobble Lane, London*

A simple salami with salt and tellicherry black pepper as well a little garlic, giving a great balanced flavour letting the quality of the meat shine.

Fennel & Garlic Salami - Made by Matt & Team on Cobble Lane, London

An English take on a classic Italian finocchiona with fresh and clean fennel, balanced with red wine & garlic.

Cobble Lane Sopressatta Made by Matt & Team on Cobble Lane, London

Coarsely minced pork with a selection of sweet-medium chillies and Hungarian paprika.

Westcombe Cheddar - Cow's Milk (P), Made by Rob Howard and The Calver Family in Evercreech, Somerset

A smooth, well rounded farmhouse Cheddar from Somerset, selected for its warm, lingering flavours and happy balance of creaminess and acidity.

Colston Bassett Stilton– (T)(P) Cow’s Milk - Made by Billy Kevan in Nottinghamshire

A blue for those who 'don't like blues' – A rich and creamy Stilton, with a buttery, lingering, complex flavour - Gentler, sweeter and more balanced than a ‘typical’ blue.

Cornish Yarg – (P)(T) Cow’s Milk - Made by Catherine Mead and Dane Hopkins in Cornwall

A delicate yoghurt cheese wrapped in nettle leaves from Cornwall – an earthy cheese with buttery and creamy flavours.

Northumberland Smoked - Cow's Milk (P) (V)*

Bright, grassy, smokey flavours from fruity through to savoury. Our most local cheese, made in Northumberland.

Walkers Scottish Highland Oatcakes - Product of Scotland

Iconic highland oatcakes, recipe unchanged since 1898 and by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen.

Northumberland Pantry Red Onion Relish - Made by David and team in Northumberland

Inspired by the Northumberland garden favourite, this Red Onion Relish has a sweet well rounded flavour with a hint of chilli to give a subtle warmth. 

Cornichon Gherkins - Imported from Spain

Perello Gordal Olives Imported from Spain*

Spanish green pitted olives with hot chillies.

Partridge Pate

Partridge pate, lightly gamey with a well-balanced flavour.

*Only included with the 3-4 people option.

Order this hamper for UK delivery, or Click & Collect from our Deli located at 1A St John's Terrace in East Boldon NE36 0LL.

*Uk Christmas Deliveries for our Hampers will be scheduled for dispatch on the 18th December 2023.

Please note in some hampers there may products that our farm producers are unable to deliver in the current climate.  We will substitute these with a similar product where necessary.


The Christmas Blacks Corner Board