• Hawes Wensleydale
    • Made by: the Wensleydale Creamery Milk type: Cow Milk treatment: Pasteurised Coagulant type: Animal Location: Hawes, North Yorkshire How it tastes: This recipe harks back to more traditional Wensleydale-making methods. Its texture is less crumbly and its flavour more buttery than many examples of Wensleydale more widely available today. The Wensleydale Creamery sources its milk from small local farms and provides work to over...
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    • Cotherstone
    • Made by: Joan Cross Milk type: Cow Milk treatment: Pasteurised Coagulant type: Vegetarian Location: Barnard Castle, Co. Durham How it tastes: Cotherstone has a texture that is at once flaky, moist and bouncy. It has a fresh milky taste with pleasantly sour and citric notes. Cotherstone has been made by Joan Cross for over thirty years. She is the last remaining producer of this Dales...
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    • Cornish Yarg
    • Made by: Dane Hopkins & Catherine Mead Milk type: Cow Milk treatment: Pasteurised Coagulant type: Animal Location: Pengreep, Cornwall How it tastes: A delicate, yoghurty cheese, which is wrapped in nettle leaves. Cornish Yarg tends to have a fluffy textured centre with lactic flavours and a buttery, creamy breakdown under the slightly earthy edible rind. Made by Catherine Mead and Dane Hopkins, Cornish Yarg...
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    • Isle of Mull
    • Made by: the Reade Family Milk type: Cow Milk treatment: Raw Coagulant type: Animal Location: Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland How it tastes: A hearty, full-flavoured Scottish Cheddar. Isle of Mull is drier in texture than other Cheddars with flavours that are up front, richly savoury and boozy. The Reade family farm produces all of its own sustainable energy from wind,...
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    • Appleby's Cheshire
    • Made by: Garry Gray & the Appleby family Milk type: Cow Milk treatment: Raw Coagulant type: Animal Location: Shrewsbury, Shropshire How it tastes: a balance of rich, mineral flavours, juicy acidity, and a sumptuous yet crumbly texture The Appleby family have made Cheshire continuously on their farm since 1952. Theirs is the last raw milk, clothbound Cheshire made in England...
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    • Luxury White Wine Hamper
    • Our luxury hampers are a celebration of all things delicious. We have gathered together the very best foods from our Deli & Bakhouse, and our Blacks Corner kitchen to give you an unforgettable feast. This luxury hamper includes: False Bay Sauvignon Blanc – Western Cape, South Africa Fresh and zesty with grassy, peppery, dry bay leaf aromas and a genuine...
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