Made by: the Fletcher Family

Milk type: Sheep

Milk treatment: Raw

Coagulant type: Animal

Location: Berkswell, West Midlands

How it tastes: The flavours of this cheese range from fresh and fruity to savoury and almost Parmesan like. The texture is often slightly grainy, not dissimilar to a Manchego. 

The link to the farming has always been an important part of what makes Berkswell special, with Stephen Fletcher managing the herd of several hundred milking sheep. Berkswell is often compared to Manchego. Unlike Manchego, however, Berkswell is never put into a press during its make; its distinctive shape is the result of its being moulded in a kitchen colander.

The first Berkswell cheeses were developed by Stephen’s mother Sheila in the late 1980s. Today, cheesemaker Julie Hay is responsible for orchestrating the cheese side of the business. The appearance of the rind varies dramatically, with an array of beautifully-coloured moulds (from rusty copper to bright yellow) dotting the rind at different times of the year.

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